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Greetings. As a native New Englander I've been raised to love the rich history of the Northeast.  My childhood was spent enjoying each season to its fullest just up the road in Enfield where my parents still live.  After a few years traveling around the country, sending change of address cards as Christmas cards, my wife Judy and I returned to serve in ministry here in New England. Along the way we've been blessed with seven children; Corbin, Luke, Riley, Gabriel, Elliot, Spencer and Toby.  God began to knit our hearts together with those here at Faith when Pastor James Beliasov retired after 29 years of faithful service to this New England church.

My passion is to see people grow closer to Christ and to each other. We used to live in a simpler world, not necessarily easier but simpler. Times have changed.  Workdays are no longer gauged by the amount of daylight. The family today has activities every night of the week and weekends packed to capacity.  Parents and kids live in a Palm Pilot world where more words may be shared through email than anything else.  This is precisely what I am praying God will change in homes all around the Manchester area, beginning with my own.  Now that you know the short version of our family history why not come by and tell us yours? The coffee pot is almost always ready and the table set for your family to come and grow closer to Christ, whose sacrifice on Calvary paid to save your heart and home.  See you soon!


Pastor Johnson